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Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Take a Journey through the Process at Suncrest Homes from an Idea to a Home...

We are excited to take you on the journey of building a custom home with us at Suncrest...

Building your dream home must begin somewhere. For us it begins with Charlie Hamilton, Suncrest owner and designer. He will work with you to make your ideas a reality. First and foremost Charlie will meet with you to listen and ask questions to help understand your vision.

The next step begins with selecting a lot that suits your lifestyle and needs. Through the Lot Purchase Program offered at Suncrest Homes, we will purchase the lot for you and all the construction finances. Be it a small community feel in Talent, tucked up in the hills of Ashland, or anywhere in the Rogue Valley, we will work with you on finding the right space.

Empty lot

Next comes the fun part, pairing your dream home with the lot is always an exciting challenge. Charlie, the eyes and concept behind the design, will work with you on the big picture. "The designed home is not only about how the home is lived on the inside, but how you impact your neighbors and the surrounding area; you need to be conscious of how it is perceived on all angles" says Charlie.

Finished home by Suncrest in Talent

Next comes Robert Scott, the master behind getting the design down on paper, or computer as it were, within your budget. Charlie and Robert have worked together for over 12 years designing more than 125 homes together. With their combined efforts they will make sure that your home fits your lifestyle. If you have you always wanted a big island in the kitchen for gatherings or a quiet reading alcove, they will make sure it’s in the plans.

Michael Thirkill, also an owner in Suncrest homes, comes into play once ground is broken - construction is his specialty. With the designers and builders under the same roof, we work together from start to finish on your home. You will be working with Michael making your vision come true from locating the best place for your ceiling fan to laying out your brick patio.

While your home is under construction you will begin to work with Suncrest’s very own interior designer and owner of Clear Interiors, Sheryl Clear.  She will work with you on the challenging decision making process of what goes inside your home from selecting granite colors, coordinating with your tile floor selections, interior colors and more.

Finally, it’s time to move in! You close escrow, just like you were buying a pre-existing home, and move into your custom dream house. As with all homes built by Suncrest yours will be Earth Advantage® certified, guaranteed to save you money in the long run and create a higher value for your home.

Until next time,
Suncrest Team