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Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Top 10 Reasons Why to Build an Earth Advantage Certified Home with Suncrest

Watch our Earth Advantage Certified video to learn why building green is the way of the future...

Top 10 Reasons Why to Build an Earth Advantage Certified Home:

  1. Earth Advantage homes perform 15% above code using less energy.
  2. On site recycling program reducing landfill waste.

    Recycling at Suncrest Construction Site

  3. They are constructed efficiently, utilizing improved framing techniques that use less wood and more insulation.
  4. The design of the home takes advantage of solar gain, minimizing heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.
  5. Earth Advantage homes have reduced time and costs related to maintenance with green materials outlasting their conventional counterparts.
  6. All of the windows installed are energy efficient.
  7. Every inch of the home is sealed to make sure air only enters and exits the home where you want it to.
  8. A unique fresh air baffle system opens automatically to bring fresh air in and existing air out, making your living experience more comfortable.

    Recently completed Suncrest Home

  9. The materials inside the home meet the same rigorous standards. Non toxic paint with low VOC, green label plus carpets, low voc adhesives are used on every Earth Advantage home.
  10. Green homes retain their value better than a conventional homes.

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