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July Color Palette of the Month

This month’s color palette is inspired by the cooling nature of water in this hot summer season. Contrary to the common conception that blue makes a room feel cold, it is possible to incorporate blue into your home without that affect. After all, it is the color you see most of on a warm sunny day! We loved the combination of blues, greens and yellows that this swinging porch has to offer. If you aren’t sure you want to go all the way and paint the walls blue, you can always incorporate bold colors in the furniture and decorations.
It's easier than you think to decorate an imaginative bedroom in shades of green and blue. By selecting hues that not only make you smile but also enhance the setting of the rest of your house, you can use these colors to design a bedroom that is tranquil yet still has plenty of panache! 

Choosing the right blue is all about creating a mood. Here washes of light sky blue on the walls, a touch of blue in a throw pillow, subtly blue candles and lots of white bring the room together. 

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