Building Process

Build Green

Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Customizing the Build

During the building phase of your custom home, you will have the opportunity to join us at each stage of construction. You choose the level of involvement you want. The bottom line is that Suncrest Homes not only designs your custom home to your lifestyle, we also customize the entire building experience to your needs.

Whether you are living locally, in another state or traveling, we can provide you real-time, on-the-go information you need by mobile or email-pictures of current construction and who to contact regarding each phase. So when decisions need to be made, you have access to your project, wherever you are. And you are always welcome to visit your home during construction or stop by our office to discuss its progress.

The Suncrest Experience in Action

Like Suncrest Homes, our subcontractors are here for the long term. Our working relationships average 15 years, and some have been for 20. We know who will install your cabinets. We know who will lay your flooring. We know where your light fixtures will come from. Our quality relationships bring responsibility and ownership on the part of each person building your custom home. Our subcontractors share the goal of delivering your quality custom home with a hassle-free experience. Each custom home is as exciting to us as it is to our clients and built with the same quality and attention to detail we put into our own homes.

Our passion is quality and this carries through every aspect of construction.