Building Green with Earth Advantage

Build Green

Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Building Smart with Earth Advantage®

Suncrest Homes designs and builds energy-efficient homes in Southern Oregon that perform at least 15 percent above code. We use high-performance insulation, pressure testing to eliminate energy leaks, energy-efficient materials and appliances and many other energy-saving features. Plus, our sustainable building processes create a healthier living space while using fewer resources. We guide you through choices to achieve money-saving results. All of our Earth Advantage® homes come with silver-level certification or higher. Suncrest Homes and our subcontractors keep up to date on the latest energy-saving technologies and building techniques to ensure your home meets the Earth Advantage standards. As a result, your custom home will have a tighter build, offer a healthier living environment and use less energy than a typical house.

Why Earth Advantage®?

It’s simple: Better Value—Today and Tomorrow. Earth Advantage-certified homes retain their value better than conventional homes.

The Earth Advantage Institute is a third-party certification program. Every Earth Advantage home receives at least two inspections. The first assesses the insulation, heating/cooling equipment, window installation, moisture levels of the lumber used in constructing your home and building techniques. The second inspection evaluates the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems, finished products and how airtight your house is constructed.
As the homeowner, you will receive a certificate issued by the Earth Advantage Institute stating your custom home meets their standards. This means you have a tangible asset that adds value to your home, in addition to your savings in energy costs.

Housing market studies have shown Earth Advantage-certified homes to sell for as much as 12 percent more than conventional homes. And in slow economic times, these certified homes have outsold their counterparts.

Earth Advantage Institute is a nonprofit organization that works with the building industry to help implement sustainable building practices. Its mission is to create an immediate, practical and cost-effective path to sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact of creating new homes.