Custom Home Design

Build Green

Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Design Phase

At Suncrest Homes, we work together under one roof to design and build your quality custom home. Our experienced team keeps track of the details of your
project from concept to construction. 

We design your dream home to reflect your lifestyle, tastes and hobbies. Your custom home will reflect the way you live. We’ll address the natural features of your lot and how to benefit from them—views, sunlight, landscaping. And we design your home with the future in mind, too, whether it’s for an addition down the road, or solar panels when the technology becomes more affordable. We consider the landscaping you desire and plan for its maturity. During the design phase, we keep you posted on the cost and time to deliver for all the features you choose.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your investment by designing around the lot and the way you live, day-to-day. We call this "Living Bigger by Design."

Living Bigger by Design

We design around your lifestyle, talents, hobbies and interests, so your custom home will feel bigger without increasing square footage.
Our passion is quality. We know the questions to ask, suggestions to make and the best path to create your quality dream home. Perhaps you love to cook, host parties or need a special place to do your artwork. These are the details that will make your custom home perfect for you. By building the home to your lifestyle, you’ll experience greater satisfaction living in your custom home every day.
You will be amazed at how much custom home you can afford. At Suncrest Homes, total packages range from as low as $230,000 to higher end homes at $1,500,000.  

We invite you to come in and sit down with us for a no-obligation consultation. We’re happy to take a look at your property, or show you what’s available in the area. We can discuss your ideas, dreams and visions, and what it will take to make them a reality. We have confidence that our skills, knowledge and expertise will deliver the best bang--your buck--with your complete satisfaction our focus.