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“I give Suncrest Homes my very highest recommendation”

In 2014 I contracted with Charlie Hamilton and Suncrest Homes to build a house in Talent, OR. I assumed there would be challenges because I was living in the Washington DC area at the time and would not be moving back to Oregon until the house was finished. I was delighted to find that was not the case – from creating the custom design, to choosing the finishes, to setting up the move-in details – everything went smoothly and I ended up with a beautifully built house ready for me when I moved back to Oregon. Charlie and his crew were easy to work with, even from a long-distance; they answered questions I had along the way and communicated progress regularly via phone calls, pictures, and email.

Early in 2020, I became engaged and planned to move north to Cottage Grove where my husband-to-be was living. I tried to convince Charlie to open Suncrest North and build me a home, but didn’t have any luck with that. Instead, he offered to help us design the house we wanted. Starting with a map of the lot we had purchased and a blank piece of paper, my fiancé and I worked with Charlie to design the perfect house for us. He used his connections to have the plan drafted and necessary engineering completed. We were able to find an excellent contractor and are now living in a “Suncrest Designed” home.

However, while we were still in the process of getting ready to build in CG, the Almeda Fire destroyed my Talent home. Charlie came to the rescue, providing me with the plans and information I needed to file insurance claims. The process was not always easy and made even more complicated because I was rebuilding a different house in a different location. I was fortunate to continue to have Charlie’s continued support. He was always willing to provide me with advice and additional information I needed to complete that process. With his help, in the end I was able to recover the full amount of money the house had been insured for.

I give Suncrest Homes my very highest recommendation. Charlie and his crew are not only professional, skilled, and highly competent, they are caring and compassionate as well. Anyone looking to build a home in southern Oregon will not go wrong by choosing Suncrest Homes as your builder.

Patti Kinney
Cottage Grove, OR

“Charlie Hamilton gave us hope”

No one should have the tragedy of losing their home in a fire, as we did. But the one silver lining has been the immediate and extraordinary care we received from Charlie Hamilton of Suncrest Homes. Our home plans were the first to be submitted by Charlie to the City of Talent. Thanks to him and his remarkable, professional crew and subs we were able to move into our beautiful new home a mere 9 months from the date of the disaster.
Charlie Hamilton gave us hope, reassurance and made us feel secure and confident that we would be okay through this devastation. He was right. Thanks to Charlie and Suncrest Homes for being there for our family.

Joseph and Geann Kollar
Talent Oregon

“The experience we had with Suncrest Homes was absolutely great”

I knew when I met Charlie that I wanted him to build my dream home. I was not disappointed. The experience we had with Suncrest Homes was absolutely great, and I believe exactly what a builder should be. I’ve built a home before, Suncrest was night and day better. This is not to say I had a bad experience previously, but only how much expectations have been raised with the Suncrest team. I found them to be honest, helpful, hands-on, and overall very reasonable. Suncrest took care of all the details and created a simple buying process for our family-they purchased and financed the lot and construction, custom design and architecture of the house, construction managed, assisting in the picking of finishes, warranty, ect… I never felt I was being unfairly nickel and dimed for small details (as is the case with other builders). Heck, Charlie even helped me with a few boxes on move-in day!

Trevor & Sharon Miller  
Ashland, Oregon

“couldn’t have been better”

I had a home built and the experience couldn’t have been better. They listen to me, made changes, and still came in under budget. Having spent a lot of time in the office finding it professional and we’ll run. I highly recommend this Company.

Maggie Cochrane
Talent, Oregon

“responsive to our needs”

From our participation in the design phase until we moved into the completed home, the process with Suncrest was a smooth ride. Communication with Charlie and Michael was clear and responsive to our needs. Suncrest has great long-term relationships with their subcontractors, who came promptly, did quality work and made sure we were happy with their efforts.

Diane & Peter Ware
Talent, Oregon

“by far the best”

Over the years, we have been through a number of renovation projects-some of them major. Our most recent major one was done by Suncrest Homes. From the early conceptualizing stages through completion our experience was by far the best we have had with any contracting team. One word best describes that experience-integrity. This was true for the principal contracting team and also for the sub contractors who reflected that same spirit. The high quality of work performed and fairness in addressing cost issues all embodied an integrity that, in our experience, is rare in the industry. We give Suncrest Homes our highest recommendation.

Herb Long & Marcia Rodine
Ashland, Oregon

“the quality is outstanding”

Recently, Charlie Hamilton and all the great people of Suncrest Homes built a magnificent house for me, the second in 8 years. From the planning stages to every careful detail within the actual building process, it was a fantastic experience; the quality is outstanding.

Gerlinda Smith

“top notch builder”

Charlie Hamilton is a top notch builder at Suncrest Homes and was my excellent landlord for over eight years. The Ground crew were fantastic as was Heidi and the maintenance team. Well built homes of high value and Charlie runs a tight ship with professionalism.

Kevin Wallance

“elegant design work”

Suncrest homes builds among the best homes in the Rogue Valley. From Charlie the owner, to the Clear Interiors elegant design work to the finished home you are handled with care and finesse. Thank you Suncrest Homes for all you do!

Preston Mace

“You’ll not find better”

You’ll not find better in our valley to build a home for you! This group of people are awesome. They care about making a great home and about making you happy. Really good at service after home completion. They find these awesome locations to build on. They do all the work and can even help you get financed. As a professional landscape construction owner, I’ve seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. These people are good. A must visit if you are interested in a home in our Rogue Valley!

Eric Simpson

“I would highly recommend Suncrest Homes”

When we planned to move to the Rogue Valley, we looked for a house we had long dreamed of, something that was built with quality and earth friendly, sustainable products. After looking for over a year and not finding what we wanted, we decided we may just have to build it ourselves. We were excited to find Suncrest Homes, an earth Advantage Builder, right in the town of Talent which we had decided to make our home.

Right from the beginning, Charlie Hamilton was great to work with, helping us design a house that best suited our needs and the challenges of our lot. Throughout the building process he helped guide us while honoring our desires. We wanted some things built into our house like solar panels, all electric appliances and wood heating. Even though these were not standard for Suncrest Homes, they were happy to help us through the process of getting what we wanted. From start to finish, I would highly recommend Suncrest Homes.

Roxanne Tencher

“We highly recommend Suncrest!”

We have been so happy to have Suncrest Homes as our builder! The staff have all been very helpful, friendly, and competent. From the very beginning, we felt confident with their process for helping us visualize and plan our custom home. Suncrest has managed to assemble a group of the most skilled craftsmen we have encountered, and we have been very pleased with the excellent quality of materials and workmanship used in our home. When we visited our home during its construction process, the site foreman and the skilled workmen gave us excellent feedback, and they were flexible enough to let us incorporate their suggestions into our plan. It was wonderful having an interior decorator as part of the Suncrest staff; she was incredibly helpful as we worked through the many choices incident to a new home project. Throughout the whole project, the Suncrest team has been very responsive to our wishes, creating a beautiful home for us that is uniquely ours. We highly recommend Suncrest!

Rene Sundrud

“We would recommend Suncrest Homes wholeheartedly without hesitation.”

Building a home with Suncrest Homes was a very positive experience both in terms of the process and the final product. We found Charlie Hamilton and his team to be professional, communicative, collaborative and helpful. The long-term relationships between his subcontractors was very impressive as they truly worked as a team. We would recommend Suncrest Homes wholeheartedly without hesitation.

J. Hammer

“high level of respect,  professionalism and communication across the board”

The team at Suncrest Homes always made me feel like I was their only customer. The level of caring and professionalism was awesome.  The whole team listened to my concerns, ideas and goals. They guided me through everything from insurance policy navigation, design process realities, choosing colors and styles, adapting to supply chain issues, and explaining the “what, where and how” of visiting my home site. I knew I was receiving good advice because they explained it so well and patiently. Because of them my 2 bedroom home with an ADU is fantastic. 

The high level of respect,  professionalism and communication across the board was so positive and consistent, I feel the entire team had my back at every twist and turn. Very recently they reached out and walked me through getting a new energy efficient rebate. 

They are amazing caring people and I’m happy to talk with anyone looking for a reference about my experience of rebuilding after the Almeda fire. 

Patti Ruiz

Suncrest Homes

At Suncrest Homes, our passion is quality—from the relationships we develop to the custom homes we build in the communities of Southern Oregon, including Ashland, Medford, Talent, Jacksonville, and Phoenix.

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