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Build Green

Every home that we build is built Earth Advantage; this translates to lower energy costs, healthier, better insulation and a softer impact on our planet.
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Charlie Hamilton

Charlie will greet you with an energetic handshake and tons of enthusiasm for your project. He has lived in the Rogue Valley since 1989, designing and building homes for over 20 years. He and his wife, Mary, have two kids—Max (21) and Kasey (19). In his spare time, Charlie loves to spend quality time with his family—snowboarding, wakeboarding, boating, hiking and flying airplanes. You might also find Charlie on the tennis court with his wife. Charlie earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business from UCLA and a master’s in clinical psychology from Cal State-Fullerton.

Michael Thirkill
Michael's first construction job was 55 years ago: blowing sawdust off the chalk line as his dad ran a circular saw along a sheet of plywood. He later learned this was not necessary, nor even helpful. He began designing and building custom homes almost 35 years ago, and he still loves working on site and bringing all the details together to ensure your custom home project is on track and meets your expectations. He has lived in Talent since 1988 and has two sons, Graham, 24, and Logan, 20. During a break from construction in his 20s, Michael earned a bachelor of arts in journalism and worked as a journalist in Utah, New Mexico and southern Africa. He is an avid sailor and enjoys cycling, tennis and music.
Suncrest Homes Is:
Local to the Rogue Valley: We are homebuilders who know the area, the people, the economy, the resources, the weather and the real estate market.

Reputable: Our rock-solid reputation, smart planning and a viable long-term vision of building quality custom homes in the Rogue Valley established Suncrest Homes as a leader, innovator and survivor—even through the housing crash. We have references to share.

Experienced: We've been designing and building custom homes for 25 years with 250 local custom home success stories and counting. Word-of-mouth referrals - from both clients and real estate agents - account for 90 percent of our business. That says a lot, and to us, means a lot. We work for you, the customer, from start to finish. Our passion is your quality experience.

Here to Stay: Suncrest Homes has survived and thrived during the economic downturn. We consistently focus on your quality experience, and our success reflects our values and strong business model. Building homes is not just a job -it's our life. Our commitment to quality and longevity ensures our future, and builds a stronger, healthier community.

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