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Our First Tiny House

   Suncrest Homes has recently completed their first tiny home. Now what exactly is a tiny home? It is a smaller house with anywhere from 100-500 square feet. The average American is home is around 2,600 square feet, hence the name tiny home. Now even though these homes are smaller in size they are huge on practicality.

Tiny homes are not only saving people money on their homes, but they can drastically reduce one’s carbon footprint. This aspect of the home building process was crucial to tiny home buyer John Shrode. By choosing to make his home only 497 square feet, with well insulated walls, it takes far less energy to heat and cool the home.

The home is a craftsman design with a 120 square foot covered porch. There is an attic pull down ladder on the porch, this gives Shrode more space for storage. The inside of the home has one bedroom and one bathroom.

Shrode knew that due to the fact that it is a smaller space he did have to get rid of some things. He also felt that it gave him the opportunity to “find out what was important and what [he] really needed versus what I thought I wanted.” He now finds he is able to live comfortable in a smaller space and actually prefers not having as much stuff.

Overall Shrode “couldn’t be happier” with his new home, and had a very positive experience working with Suncrest Homes. He said even though they are known for building bigger homes when he brought this concept to them, they were very enthusiastic about it. Shrode appreciated the fact that company was so on board with the small size and that they wanted to bring the tiny house movement to the rouge valley.